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What does DART mean?

DART is a technology solution that aims to prevent the most common cause of blindness in adult population, diabetic retinopathy (DR), by means of a platform that detects it automatedly in digital images and allows its early diagnosis via telemedicine. Diagnosis of Automated Retinographies through Telematics.

Global vision

The prevalence of diabetes is on the rise. Our goal is that DR coverage is no longer an issue.

  • Universal access
  • Intuitive use
  • Better use of ophthalmologic resource
  • Greater opportunities for ophthalmologists
  • More efficient prevention and healthcare

How it works

DART technology is a platform that provides a software solution aimed at DR detection by automated image processing and web telemedicine. On the patient side, only capture and transmission of retinal images and metadata is required by third parties. This allows massive automated screening of diabetic population to take place, achieving the ability to refer each anomaly risk case to an ophthalmologist, for record, diagnosis and monitoring through the same platform. Implementation is by a computational platform for all the retinal images and context information management, including machine learning algorithms that allow the system to automatically detect retinal abnormalities.

  • Patient citation
  • Exam taking (MT)
  • Data entry
  • Auto-screening
  • Normal rule out
  • Remote diagnosis (MD)
  • Grading (MD)
  • Referral, recommendation (MD)

The service can be provided by combining the different stages according to the user's needs.

Research & development

From the very beginning we have worked on the development of technologies at the frontier of knowledge to achieve results.

We've published diploma theses of PE in electrical engineering and PE in business engineering, as well as research articles in IEEE Communications Society e-Health Technical Committee Newsletter. We have exhibited our work at national and international level, for instance in the LVIII Course of Training and Development of Ophthalmologists, el XXI Congresso Brasileiro de Prevenção da Cegueira e Reabilitação Visual (with subjects of validation and economic impact), the XXIV Chilean Congress of Ophthalmology and 19th Annual Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems Conference.

Transversal value proposition

Who we are: our team and support network

Nuestros lugares de trabajo

Multidisciplinary technological innovation

Everything starts from the concern for public healthcare challenges. With the proper team, the problem becomes a social innovation project.

Based on academic research, DART gathers in its beginnings Dr. Rodrigo Donoso (H. del Salvador ophthalmologist, U. de Chile academic, Sochiof past-president, fellow at Moorfields Eye Hospital), Mariano Pola (engineer with 30+ years developing technology-based business, Endeavor Chile '99) and José Tomás Arenas (electrical and industrial engineer, MIT TR35 Chile).

We are a multidisciplinary team which features a group of ophthalmologists trained in the best universities of Chile, along with engineers and senior developers: experience in ophthalmology, business, technology and computer science is then conjugated. The team has a highly developed sense of public healthcare and a vision of global innovation.

Our mission is to dramatically reduce rates of vision loss and blindness in adults solving its most common cause: DR screening coverage.

Our main objective is to technologically support eye healthcare system task, optimizing resources and automating processes through pattern recognition (computational intelligence) and telemedicine, impacting the quality of patient care.

Dr. Rodrigo Donoso

Dr. Rodrigo Donoso

Co-Founder, Medical Director

Mariano Pola

Mariano Pola

Co-Founder, Director

José Tomás Arenas

José Tomás Arenas

Co-Founder, CEO

Institutional support

CRS Cordillera Oriente Peñalolén
Centro de Investigación en Inteligencia de Negocios
Micrologica Innovación
Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingeniería


III Concurso de Valorización de la Investigación Universitaria
MIT Technology Review Innovadores Menores de 35 Chile


UDD Ventures
Instituto Sistemas Complejos de Ingeniería

Recognition of the press

You can review some of our appearances in major writings, digital media and radio. Innovation that got people talking.

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Our expanding network

They have entrusted us with the task of providing a quality service.

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Servicio de Viña del Mar Quillota
Servicio de Salud Valparaíso San Antonio
Servicio de Salud Metropolitano Norte
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